Hi, I am Marino Simion a Freelance Graphic Designer with strong experince in corporate design, branding and interactive design with a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Architecture in Venice and a Mature Diploma in Printed and Graphic Arts.

I am working now as Freelance Graphic Designer under contract at Nestle UK&I with a hotdesk on their head office based in Croydon.

Before, I have been working full time as In-House Graphic Designer at Nestle UK&I for 2 years after a short period experience as Assistant Production Designer. I did joint Nestle after 2 years experience as a Freelance Graphic Designer based in South Croydon. During this period I managed a vast range of projects for Italy and England. I also did work closely with a creative agency based in Surbiton called Fruition Creative Agency where I was involved on developing graphics for printed materials including brochures, posters, and big size graphics for exhibitin events and advertising pages as well as developing graphic user interface for websites.

Back on the 1999, after 6 months of woking experience, I become a Junior Graphic Designer in the Graphic studio for a sport magazine pubblication at LaGhirada Benetton group. Duties included carrying out daily design enquires, delivering graphic design solutions to promote sporting events and developing new images for the prestigious Asolo Golf Club.

Then possible for me to follow my passion for motorbikes working as In-House Graphic Designer at Da Lio developing graphics for the racing teams and private owners, prototyping and the industrialisation of adhesives for motorbikes. Projects also included setting up and maintaining ISO 9001. I worked closely with suppliers and the production line.

After leaving that company I moved to Remor where my main responsibility as In-House Senior Graphic Designer and Artworker was develpe and produce adhesives for the Aprilia world cup team. My duties included developing and producing specific kits of adhesives, graphic design projects, developing prototypes for series production, and creative projects through 3D for exhibitions and trade fairs.

My previous experiences gave me the expertise needed to take on the role of In-House Senior Graphic Designer and Product Designer for Benelli Moto. I was coordinator of brand communications, producing creative solutions for an extensive range of materials.
The role involved being sole negotiator for print and advertising material for exhibition fairs, researching graphics and aesthetics for motorcycles and scooters, developing promotional material and prototypes, researching materials and working closely with engineers, materials and colours.